Fashion do’s and don’ts for 2013 :)

Step away from any Floral or Aztec prints 🙂

They might have been a hit back in the 80’s but they are not right now. 

Though Neon can be fine with sports gear, it is not ok in ones wardrobe…

What is with Pastel coloured jeans?  not for anyone older than 16. It is a short lived trend for the summer and best avoided.


Classic tailoring will never go out of fashion. 

. Clean lines, great fabric and excellent fit will compliment a work skirt with heels to a classic pair of jeans. Best part – the selection of hues. White is a classic hue; however blue and soft warm colours never go astray.

Leather is always on trend. It like tailored clothes is a must for any wardrobe and most would choose a classic jacket, however it seems from what’s out there that leather pants are coming back into vogue. Again if you do not have the shape for the leather pants stick with the jacket.

There seems to be a new trend this season in the form of Geometric prints. Thankfully, they appear not to have been constructed during the MC hammer era  – rather designers this time have refined the garments to look more elegant and sexy – paired with the right heels and top.

And never forget the one wardrobe essential –– Little Black dress…<  Oh and perhaps just perhaps shoulder pads are back

Thoughts on colour’s 2013 – watch for blues, creams, white, earthy, block and the classic black.



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